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Things To Consider Before Enrolling For A Makeup Course

Career in Makeup
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There are various things to consider before one enrolls for a makeup course. the factors can be personal and each one can have different reasons for doing the same. One must go through all the options thoroughly, study and research a bit and then go for the one which ticks all the boxes. We have made a list of factors one must consider before joining a makeup course, which are as follows :

  • The Institute/ Academy

The most important question is where to do the course from, where should one enroll. To make life a bit easier one can always go on the net and check out all the options, start reading about them. Make a list of the academies you like and then you can start the research. you can start visiting them and see for yourself if you like. one must also keep the distance in mind if its too far or approachable, try to search and find a best makeup academy near you. Sometimes you plan to do it from some other city or country, so basically a lot of research is required. As you go on with the research, you can shortlist the ones you like.

The Mama Academy

  • Types of Courses

Every academy would have different makeup courses ranging from personal courses to professional ones. Everyone could have different reasons of doing a course, one might be doing to take it as a profession or one just wants to learn personal makeup. It is important to acknowledge what you want and why you doing it. Then next step would be to understand if you want to do an overall makeup course like we have it in MAMA, where everything is include or you would want to do a specialised course, just like a Fantasy course or a Special Effects one.

makeup classes in delhi


  • Professional Educator

Think of your makeup educator as your guide to the world of makeup artistry. It is very important to understand that every good makeup artist might not be a good tutor, this is a very understated concept. not everybody who know the skill can teach as well. We cannot stress enough how much of a difference it makes when your tutor is effective while passing on the knowledge. A makeup educator must be experienced enough to know all the scientific reasoning behind this art and must be able to convey it through.

  • Career Resources

Your makeup school should ease your mind by providing you with resources that will help you in the makeup industry. You want to become a good makeup artist and you need tips along the way to create a professional portfolio, networks and find clients.

  • Curriculum

Another important aspect is the curriculum. one must always put an effort to know about the curriculum different academies are teaching. Also they would be teaching it differently. See if the curriculum solves your purpose of joining, see if it is detailed enough, see if there are enough practice sessions and see if they clear your basics.

  • Class Engagement & Environment

Once you go and see all the academies, you must check out the environment, if its hygienic enough, if its healthy and safe. A class environment should always be friendly and comfortable, there should be healthy competition and eagerness to learn. You must ask them how they engage students and how they make sure everybody is getting the same attention.


  • Certification

Hands down, one of the most important item your makeup school would provide is a makeup certification. However, receiving a certificate at the end of your course will provide you a boost of confidence. Also it would open a lot of job options for you.

makeup kits & products

  • Provision of Products

Not every school pr academy would include a professional kit for their students, which they actually should. Because initially it is very tasking and confusing for a student to build his/her own kit. with less product knowledge, they might end up buying all the wrong things, hence it is always advisable to choose an academy which would give you an apt vanity kit. Also if an academy is providing you the kit, you must check what all are they giving, are the products enough, are they useful, are the brands genuine. all these things must be kept in mind. you must see if the academy itself has the right tools and equipments to teach you and for your own practice.

Best Value

  • Value for Money

This is a very important factor, everyone would be having their own budget for a course like this. So it is very important to be rest assured that the course that you opt for must be value for money. If the curriculum, the academy, the knowledge, the kit and the experience is worth the money you would be spending.

Hope our guide to the things you must consider before you apply for a makeup course is useful to all you beginners. I hope you find the most appropriate academy for yourself. ALL THE BEST !

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