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Make-up Tips For Sensitive Skin

sensitive skin
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Applying makeup on sensitive skin can be a nightmare at times! One of the best makeup academies, MAMA ACADEMY, teaches you to do makeup on all kinds of skin types including sensitive skin and also helps you to deal with issues such as acne, redness, rashes, breakout or also at time contagious allergies or skin problems.

Sensitisation of skin can be caused due to numerous factors, it can also either be a skin type or just a side effect. One of the major reasons that cause sensitivity to skin is dehydration. Dehydrated skin is more prone to irritation and inflammation. It can also be caused by certain ingredients that might irritate your skin. It is important to check the formulation of the product before buying to make sure that doesn’t have any ingredients that can possibly cause irritation to sensitive skin.

As a precautionary measure, people with sensitive skin can also avoid products that have a strong smell to them, highly active ingredients or parabens that might cause redness, breakouts or rashes to the skin. That being said, it’s not always the product that causes reactions on sensitive skin as most of the products are now tested carefully. A major role is played by the sanitisation.

One of the leading qualities of MAMA ACADEMY is the attention they pay on cleanliness and sanitisation. If you’re a professional makeup artist working on different clients and the tools with which you apply makeup are not cleaned properly after every makeup, there are high chances of transferring germ or bacterias to the other clients. Even if you’re not doing makeup professionally, one should always clean and sanitise their products and brushes and applicators regularly.

Before applying makeup, prepping your skin properly is a very essential step for the makeup to look its best! And prepping your skin gets even more important if one has a sensitive skin type.

  • Hydrate the skin properly at this stage.
  • Prep the skin by applying products that give a cooling effect.
  • Make sure your cleansers and toners have a mild formulation and do not dry out your skin completely.

While applying makeup on skin, make sure that you work with light pressure. If the skin is acne prone, do not drag the products there, instead dab on it gently, without irritating the acne. Another thing to pay attention is SPF! Make sure you protect your skin well from the harsh rays of the Sun that causes early aging and sensitisation to skin.

For more tips on the experts makeup advice follow our blog and also get to know the latest makeup trends, makeup courses, tips and tricks. Your perfect guide to answer any questions or confusion about makeup. The MAMA is one of the best makeup academy in Delhi, for professional makeup classes, advanced makeup and hair classes from leading professionals.

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