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Makeup Mistakes That Age You

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One thing which is definite is Aging but nobody deserves to look prematurely aged. Whether it is an anti-aging skin routine or your healthy diet. There are a lot of common makeup mistakes people do which accelerates the aging process.

Take notes on these blunders and learn the best ways to use makeup to your advantage.

One mistake which a lot of people do is, to not follow a proper skincare routine.

Following a skincare routine is one thing but following a correct skincare routine according to your skin type is another.

If you do not use a cleanser or a moisturizer which is suitable for your skin type, it will not help you in any way. Rather it will make your skin look dull.

For example; if your skin is dry and you have been using an oil free cleanser every single day then instead of dealing with the dryness issue you are making it worse. You would need a gentle cleanser which cleans your skin and leaves it soft and supple.

Therefore your cleanser, toner and moisturizer should be according to your skin type. Also one major mistake a lot of people do is they completely skip Sunscreen. Be it summers or winters, be it outdoors or indoors; one must always wear SPF. It protects you from ultraviolet rays and slows down the aging process.

Another mistake a lot of people do is, they sleep with makeup on. Your face must be clean and then moisturized before you head to bed. Skin tends to regrow and rejuvenates while sleeping hence there should be no traces of makeup while you sleep. Also be very particular about cleaning your eye makeup. Kohl, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara etc tends to smudge and settle in the under-eye creases and lash lines so always take a Q-tip and dampen it in an oil infused micellar water and clean your eye makeup. Otherwise it leads to dark circles which enhances dullness on your face.

In terms of makeup application, you want to make sure that your makeup creates a lifting effect. The idea is to look youthful so the wrong placement of products can result in a look that drags down your features.

It is necessary to find your perfect shade of foundation because if the color is off, it will make your face look grey and dull. For your face to look brighter and glowing, you must choose the correct foundation type and color. Same principle applies for correctors and concealers.

Similar to foundation, the more hydrating and plumping properties your lip color has, the better it is. If you have creases around your lips, line your lips first then apply your lipstick. It prevents from bleeding and feathering.

One must choose the right lip color to look more youthful. It can be according to your personal style pr a color which matches your skin tone.

Always remember lesser the better, people usually do otherwise. Women mistakenly put a lot of product on their face which eventually turns cakey and looks made up. This will make your skin look aged instead of fresh and young.

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