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Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal makeup tips
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Marriage is the most important day in any woman’s life and as a make-up artist, it is one’s duty to make her look the best. She must feel the best version of herself and that can only be achieved by starting the process before the D- Day.

As a make-up artist, I always make sure to have a personal consultation with the bride much before her D-Day so as to understand her mind and this means discussing the looks and I also encourage them to show me pictures of the looks they like. This helps in development of a good bond and gives a lot of comfort to the other person.

We must pay attention to what she says and respect her wishes and if as a make-up artist you do not agree with something, then explain your thoughts politely and logically to her but never try and override her wishes. Find a balance.

As a make-up artist, always guide your brides to be stay hydrated, religiously follow a skincare regime and drink a lot of water and stay away from chemical treatment and facials immediately before the functions start so there is no adverse reaction.

On the day itself, remember that your bride would be tired, exhausted and emotional. It is given, so please invest a lot of time in prepping and priming her skin and give her skin time to absorb it all by leaving her for 15-20 mins after this step and before the actual application of make-up and this would give her a bit of relaxation time. For the actual make-up, here are a few make-up specific tips :

While doing the base, make sure to keep it neat, blended and not too much. Using too much product is never an answer and it would lead to a very caked up bride. Also make sure that your bride looks bright but not too light. Do not try and change her skin color if she hasn’t asked for the same and is comfortable in her skin.

Make sure to only use water proof gel pencils on the eye as anything else would not last or would smudge if she cries.

False lashes must be adhered to the lash line as the camera would catch the wrong alignment. Lashes must be stuck properly too or else, they might come off. While deciding the false lashes, keep the shape and size of her eyes in mind and also her comfort.

Lipstick must be indelible so it lasts all through the evening.

Before leaving make sure she is comfortable and happy with how she looks or else the whole exercise is a waste. Leave her with a happy smile.

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