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6 Hygiene Habits Every Makeup Artist Should Follow!

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Maintaining hygiene is often forgotten by a lot of makeup artists while practicing their profession. Not following them religiously can cause cross-contamination of the makeup products, reduce its shelf life, and make the client more prone to skin allergies.

Not just that, don’t forget that your client judges you based on your conduct. No matter how experienced and good a makeup artist you may be, you will always be noticed on the cleanliness of your products and your vanity. Sometimes, you may unknowingly create the wrong impression on your client due to which they could decide to never call you back for the further assignments.

Whether you are new to the industry or hold a decade old experience, make sure you read the following habits, and try to incorporate them slowly into your makeup routine.

Further, learn to have patience – some of these habits are not developed overnight, they require time and consistent practice.

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1. Sanitize before you start: Keep a sanitizer in your kit and use it whenever you start your makeup routine.

Sanitize before starting makeup

2. Maintain Personal Hygiene: Personal hygiene is very important while you work. Make sure you smell fresh, have groomed nails, and keep mint in your mouth while working. Avoid eating anything with a strong smell just before the makeup session.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

3. Clean tools is always a YAY: Quick clean your brushes after your makeup. Deep clean them regularly if the product keeps coming out. A dirty blender is a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure you wash it properly.

Clean your makeup tools

4. Never double-dip your creams and liquids: Do not double-dip your brushes in your cream products, and mascaras. Instead, you can use a spatula to take out the product from the container.

Never double-dip

5. Sharpen and Shut is a rule of thumb: After using eye and lip pencils, make sure to sharpen them before you shut them tight. You can also spay 70% or 99% alcohol spray to sanitize them.

Sharpen and Shut eye and lip pencils

6. You can never have enough of disposables: Invest in multiple disposable makeup applicators for your kit. Make sure you have mascara wands, q-tips, and lipstick applicators. They are especially handy if your client has a stye, cut or an open wound.

use disposable makeup applicators

Develop a habit of following these simple rules to mark a good impression on your client, and to keep your products sparkling clean!

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